Best fertilizers for Peonies

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Peonies

Peonies are perennials that produce large single or double flower blooms that are white, pink, or red. With the proper nutrients, you will ensure a beautiful and healthy looking peony flower. These blooms will add color and a beautiful fragrance to your garden.

Best fertilizers for Hostas

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Hostas

Hostas are a favorite among gardeners because they are low maintenance and they produce lush, green foliage. Even though they are easy to care for, they still need a quality fertilizer for optimal growth.

Best fertilizers for Arborvitae

The 5 Best Fertilizers for Arborvitae

Arborvitaes are evergreen trees that thrive with proper fertilization. We typically recommend an N-P-K ratio of about 3-1-1 for these thujas so that they can flourish on your property.

Best Fertilizers for Plumeria

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Plumeria

Developing beautiful blooms on plumerias is not difficult with the proper nutrients. This guide will show you everything needed for the ongoing maintenance of a plumeria so that you can develop show-stopping flowers!

Best Fertilizers for hydrangeas

Best Fertilizers for Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas can flourish on all purpose fertilizers such as 10-10-10 NPK ratios. If given the proper nutrients at the correct times, they will develop vibrant flowers and robust roots.

Best Fertilizer for Roses

Best Fertilizers for Roses

Roses are part of the Rosaceae family. Their flowers have become widely known to represent love and romance. Growing these perennial plants in your own garden is possible, but you will need the right water, sun, and fertilization. Make sure you feed your plant the appropriate amount of nutrients.