Chloride Deficiency in Plants

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Chloride is classified as a micronutrient for plant. However, plants actually may take as much of it as they do certain secondary macronutrients.

How can you spot if your plant is deficient in this important micronutrient?

What Does Chloride Deficiency Look Like in Plants?

You’ll want to prevent your plant from having too little chloride. But if it’s too late, you’ll at least want to be able to spot the symptoms. Oftentimes, you will see wilting of your plants’ foliage often with stubby tips. The leaves will become mottled and the leaf’s tip may have chlorosis, or yellowing.

Factors Affecting Chloride Availability

In most situations, chloride is highly soluble and is found dissolved in water. It is found in soil as a Chloride ion. It is a fairly mobile anion.

Many nutrients such as chloride, nitrate, sulfate, borate, and molybdate are all anions. As such, they can be antagonistic to each other. If one anion is in excess, it can block the absorption of other anions.

Other Macro and Micronutrients

As you may know, there are many other macronutrients and micronutrients that are important to proper plant growth. The macronutrients is split up into primary macronutrients and secondary macronutrients.

Learn more about each nutrient and how it effects plants so you can properly diagnose any deficiencies in your plants.

I also recommend checking out Earthpod Fertilizer capsules. While you can get the same results with other fertilizers if you’re very diligent with the right N-P-K ratios and other nutrients, these fertilizer capsules help take out a lot of the guess work. Furthermore, they utilize microbe technology to make sure all the macro and micro nutrients are delivered to your plants.

More information about the element Chloride on Wikipedia

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