Flowers and Ornamentals

Flowers and ornamentals should be your pride and joy. They are typically what adds the spark to your garden and unique.

You cannot mistake the colorful flower blooms with any type of more herbaceous plant. Their petals, vibrant colors, and fragrant smells are unmistakable. Furthermore the science behind their reproduction and pollination make them interesting plants to learn more about.

However, not all ornamentals are flowering. Ornamental plants come in all types of sizes, shapes, and colors. From a horticultural standpoint, an ornamental is any plant that is valued for its aesthetics and is primarily used for display purposes. They may have striking appearances that come from their lacy leaves or long needles. Or they may have exotically-colored leaves or magnificent blooms.

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About the author: Carley Miller is a horticultural expert at TheGreenPinky. She previously owned a landscaping business for 25 years and worked at a local garden center for 10 years.