Microgreens Course

Learn how to grow microgreens with this course. It’s simple. And after the initial costs (of setup), it’s very cheap.Within 7-10 days, you’ll have the most beautiful, nutritious, flavorful microgreens.

Homegrown microgreens are:

  • Nutritious. One of the most nutritious superfoods.
  • Versatile. Use them for as garnishes, in smoothies, or a simple microgreen salad.
  • Flavorful. They carry the flavor of their full-grown form, but in a much more concentrated punch.
  • Fresh. Microgreens are so expensive because they do not stay fresh for long. Growing them from home means you always have the freshest batch possible.
  • Inexpensive. After initial setup, the only cost are the seeds necessary to grow the microgreens.
  • Easy. It’s as easy as spreading the seed, watering 1-2 per day, and harvesting when ready.