How to Grow and Care for Cucumbers

It’s easy to grow any of the three types of cucumbers — slicing, pickling, and burpless — in your home garden. If you’re limited on space opt to grow bush types or install a trellis to grow plants vertically. They can even be grown in containers. You can expect to harvest 50 to 70 days after planting.

10 of the Best Companion Plants for Cucumbers

The right companion plants can increase the growth and yield of your cucumber plants, and decrease pest and disease problems. Tomatoes, beans, corn, cabbage, and sunflowers offer shade in the summer. Nasturtium, marigolds, radish repel harmful insects. They also grow well with summer squash and lettuce.

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Cucumbers Types — 15 Popular Cultivars

With many different varieties to choose from, cucumbers are grouped into three main types. Slicing cultivars include Straight Eight, Marketmore, Lemon, and Space Master. Pickling cultivars include Parisian Gherkin, Garden Bush Pickle, Picklebush, and Pick a Bushel. Burpless cultivars include Suyo Long, Summer Dance, and Early Spring, to name a few.

Harvested cucumbers sitting in a wooden bowl

Cucumber Growing Stages

Cucumbers go through several stages before they are ready to harvest — germination, seedling growth, flowering, and then fruiting. Plants grow as vines or a bush, depending upon the variety grown. Most types are ready to harvest 50 to 70 days after germination.