Planting hostas with proper spacing is not difficult with a guide

How to Plant Hostas

Planting hostas is not difficult, but you can further increase your chances of success by following our guide with some practical tips. It can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not difficult at all!

Yellow hostas that has been munched on by a pest

Hostas Pests and Diseases

Hostas are not difficult to take care of. That being said, there are pests and diseases that can damage your plant. Learn how to identify the problem and fix it so that your hostas can continue to flourish.

Different types of hostas to consider in a garden

10 Types of Hostas You Should Consider Planting

Which hostas variety should you plant in your garden? Come learn about the most popular species and the unique characteristics each one has. There is someone for everyone in these 10 cultivars that we review.

hostas have beautiful green foliage that make a wonderful addition to any shady garden

Hostas Care Guide

These elegant herbaceous perennials with heart-shaped leaves are sure to add a vivid green color to your garden. Best of all, they are not difficult to take care of. Come learns everything you’ll want to know and more.

Caring for hostas in the fall will help it flourish in the spring

Hostas Fall Care and Maintenance

The perfect plant for shady garden spots, hostas are prized for their large green leaves and low maintenance needs. In the fall it’s best to cut back or trim the leaves and flower stalks back to prepare them for winter. Plants can be cut significantly, leaving only small stems. In the spring they will grow robust new foliage free of diseases and pests.

Best fertilizers for Hostas

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Hostas

Hostas are a favorite among gardeners because they are low maintenance and they produce lush, green foliage. Even though they are easy to care for, they still need a quality fertilizer for optimal growth.