Welcome to The Green Pinky

The Green Pinky is a website made for everyone. Everyone should be able to enjoy the pleasures of gardening…and being successful at it!

We cover many guides to help you be successful. You’ll find guides for your garden, lawn, hydroponic system, or trees. You’ll learn how to grow microgreens. You’ll learn…about anything and everything related to plants. If there are topics that you are interested in that we do not cover, please contact us..

We are named The Green Pinky because we believe anyone and everyone could become a better gardener. We may not all be naturally gifted to have green thumbs, but we surely all develop green pinkies.

Meet Our Team

Carley Miller

Horticulture and gardening is my expertise. I owned and operated a landscaping and landscape design business for 25 years, as well as a local garden center for over 10 years. I have experience with propagation, continued care, planting and like to say I have years of hands-in-the-dirt experience.  I have experience in all areas of horticulture and all things related to gardening. The best art about gardening, though, is that there is always more to learn or new designs to try

In addition to gardening, I have also done my fair share of writing. I worked for a now defunct publishing company based out of California for 10 years and was the gardening professional for that section. I was in charge of hiring garden writers, auditing work, creating new titles as well as writing and worked closely with the section manager.

Jeffrey Douglas

I am a true amateur with no educational training in horticulture, but gardening has become my passion over the years, which is why I created this site!

I was raised in a middle class family where my parents only did portions of their own gardening. In fact, now that I think about it, they didn’t do any of their own gardening because the only gardening that our family did was left to me and my sister – the task of pulling out the weeds around the house.

As I went to college, I realized that I knew very little about taking care of plants. I still remember the first plant that I ever owned died miserably as it sat on my college window ledge. Soon thereafter, I inherited an orchid from my sister who was moving across the country. The orchid was elegant and beautiful. I was worried about not giving it the proper care it deserved because my sister had owned this orchid for a couple years before passing it on to me. I put my educational background of science and research into good use by learning everything I possibly could about orchids. My orchid went on to flourish.

I found myself more and more interested in plants of all types. Once I owned multiple plants, I tested out different products in a manner that was relatively controlled, just like a research project, and was able to determine which products worked the best for me. It was surprising to me how little changes in the type of product could produce different results.

Eventually, I developed a couple hydroponic systems so that I could also grow lettuce and herbs indoors. This required a different set of skills as I had to learn how to make my own system out of PVC pipes and submersible water pumps. I also had to learn how to deliver the proper amount of light to plants and how different types of lights affected the plants differently. Hydroponics also taught me the importance of proper nutrients delivery as well as the importance of nurturing the roots. The secret is in the roots!

I recently fell upon the latest craze of microgreens. When I looked into the topic, I realized that they are in fact very nutrient, but that they are SO expensive to buy. Learning how to raise hydroponically grown microgreens came naturally to me. I was able to reap the health benefits of microgreens with minimal time and money investment.

When I am not gardening, I work full time in the healthcare industry. Right now, I work primarily in direct patient care. I have a mind for details, which not only helps me at my day job, but also helps me to analyze multiple different features and factors when it comes to choosing the right products for my plants. I enjoy my work thoroughly, but also my gardening hobby helps me take my mind off of things after work and also on the weekends.