flies on garbage can be problematic if not gotten rid of

Flies in Compost and What to Do About Them

Attracting flies is almost unavoidable when you have a compost pile. And in fact, some flies are even good flies to have around. How do you distinguish good versus bad flies? What can you do to decrease the number of flies around your piles? We go into all of that and more in this article.

Mosquito repellent guide

Best Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller

Gardens and patios are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t let mosquitos ruin the experience for yourself or your friends. Ultrasonic repellers can be very effective in deterring these pests. Come learn which ones are effective.

Mole featured

Best Ultrasonic Mole Repeller

Moles can wreak havoc in a garden and yard. Ultrasonic repellers can be very effective in preventing them from coming to your property if you use the appropriate types. We will review ones that are effective in preventing these unwanted visitors.

Best Insecticide for Thrips

The 5 Best Insecticides for Thrips

Thrips are small, winged insects that will literally suck the nutrients out of your plants. When they infest a garden, they can be difficult to deal with. Learn how to control them so they do not destroy your plants.

Cats in Garden

The 5 Best Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

Cats can be very difficult to deal with in a garden. On the one hand, you obviously don’t want to harm the cat. On the other hand, some of them will keep destroying plants in your garden. Ultrasonic repellers can be a solution to this problem. Find one with the correct frequencies to prevent them from wandering into your garden.

Dealing with these pests can be frustrating, but is made easier with a guide

Viburnum Leaf Beetles: Comprehensive Guide

Viburnum leaf beetles, or Pyrrhalta viburni, can deal extensive damage to viburnum if they are not held in check. Come learn how to identify and control them in our guide.

eating foliage and causing damage

Tobacco Budworms: What to Do About Them

Tobacco budworms, or heliothis virescens, are common pests that can feed on the buds of your flowers, which will result in unsightly holes in the petals of your petals. Learn what to do about them in this article

Popillia japonic that can eat through your leaves if they are not dealt with

Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are an invasive species that frequently infest rose bushes, fruit trees, and other plants. If they are not swiftly dealt with, they can devastate a garden in a very short amount of time. Here are some tips as to how to deal with them.

caterpillar on leaf that will slowly chew away at young foliage

Cutworms: Identification and Control

Cutworms are caterpillars that will literally cut down your young plants at the stem if you do not control them. Learn how to identify the damage they cause and the best methods to prevent them from becoming an issue in your garden.

Identify and combat leaf miners with our guide

How to Combat Leaf Miners

If you’ve seen squiggly lines on your leaves then you likely are dealing with leaf miners. Make sure to take action before these small larvae cause more damage to your plants. Come learn everything you need to know about them.

Small spider mite on a leaf, zoomed in

Identifying and Dealing with Spider Mites

Spider mites can be both elusive and destructive to your plants and garden. Learn how to identify these pests and get rid of them so that they cannot harm your plants any longer.

Insecticides for cutworms

The 3 Best Insecticides for Cutworms

Cutworms will destroy your plants and prevent seedlings from having a chance to grow if not dealt with properly. We discuss our recommendations for products you can use to deal with them.

Get rid of Japanese Beetles

The 3 Best Ways to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles, a species of scarab beetles, can be particularly destructive if they infest your garden. They will skeletonize your foliage, may eat your fruit, and their larvae will also feed on the roots. Learn how to eliminate them once and for all.

Control aphid infestations with the appropriate strategies

How to Identify and Get Rid of Aphids

If you do not remove aphids, they will weaken your plants significantly and harm your flowers and fruit. In our article, we have control methods that work and review all the potential options.