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Moles are an utter nuisance. There are many ultrasonic mole repellers on the market, but only some of them work. The difference between the best ones out there and an average one is drastic. 

Moles can wreak havoc on any property. They can destroy a lot of lawns simply because of the tunnels that they dig. I am sure that because you landed on this page you are fed up with moles, and so is your lawn.

Here are the brands that we recommend.

Comparing Our Top 3 Choices

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Pesky mole repellent

At A Glance: Recommended Brands

These are the brands that we recommend. They have ultrasonic frequencies that work well against moles and also have good builds. Keep reading below to learn more about each one. 

Mole mounds

Best Ultrasonic Mole Repellers


Nikand’s high frequency repellers are excellent at scaring away moles, as well as other common pests while remaining environmentally friendly. The low pulses emitted by these devices, which come in a pack of four, won’t bother people or pets. The devices are waterproof and recharge using solar power. They’re also easy to install and can be placed every 96 feet in order to ensure maximum coverage. Gardeners can expect to see full results within two to four weeks after installing them.


Fretech’s ultrasonic repeller emits both ultrasonic sounds and a vibration every 30 seconds, driving away moles and other garden pests such as gophers and voles. They recharge using solar power, and each device, which can cover up to 6500 square feet of space, has a battery life of about five days. They will continue working at night and during rainstorms, and the sturdy, durable construction means that they will last for some time before needing to be replaced.


Stave off rodents and moles with Vekibee's solar powered repeller

These ultrasonic repellers from Vekibee emit low-frequency pulses every 20 seconds and can effectively repel moles, voles, gophers, and other garden pests. The devices, which are available in a pack of four, are solar powered and take only four hours to recharge. However, that charge can last for up to five days, meaning they will continue to work at night or during cloudy days. In addition, the devices are made with anti-UV aluminum, are watertight, and won’t corrode.


Apello’s high frequency repeller, which comes in a pack of two, is environmentally friendly and won’t disturb people or pets. It’s also easy to install the, you simply insert them into the ground. Each device features a solar-powered battery so they use no electricity and the batteries won’t need to be manually replaced. The solar battery takes about eight hours to charge and will last for up to five days. The device covers over 6500 square feet, and its durable, waterproof design means that it will keep working even during harsh weather.

Mole messing garden

Keep Moles Away

Gardeners or those who are looking to keep a beautiful looking yard know that moles can cause massive amounts of damage. As they dig their tunnels under a lawn, the dirt is pushed up, creating clods, bare spots, or ridges. Moles can also cause damage to plants. Their digging may unearth plant roots or bulbs, which can weaken the plant itself.

Although moles can also sometimes be beneficial to gardens, as they regularly eat insects or larvae that can harm grass and plant roots, many homeowners and gardeners feel that the beneficial attributes don’t outweigh the negatives.

How Ultrasonic Devices Work

Most high frequency repellers work in two ways. First, it regularly emits an ultrasonic sound. This sound can’t be heard by humans and generally doesn’t bother pets, but it can be picked up by moles underground. They find this sound disturbing or frightening and will often vacate an area where the sound persists.

Some devices may also utilize vibrations as a secondary repellant. The vibrations, which are also regularly emitted and are directed into the ground, can be uncomfortable for moles and other tunneling pests. It may take a few weeks for them to realize the sounds and vibrations won’t stop, after which time gardeners should find that the number of moles in the area has greatly decreased.

Moles can wreak havoc in a beautiful garden or under a perfect lawn, but most gardeners want to avoid harming these rodents if possible. Ultrasonic devices are not only simple to use, but they won’t hurt or kill any animals, and they’re environmentally friendly. Selecting an effective repeller can mean a reduction in damage caused by moles and a more pristine yard or garden.

Proper Lay Out

It is important to lay out your ultrasonic devices in a way that you optimize their effectiveness. Other than laying them far enough apart from each other so that there is not a lot of overlapping zones, you can also position them in places in your lawn that are entrances to your garden. This will prevent the moles from entering in the first place. That being said, you still will likely want to put a couple around the perimeter of your garden to further deter them from coming by. 

Bottom Line

Again, I recommend buying the Tehahe Solar Powered Ultrasonic Mole Repeller. Make sure that when you are buying an ultrasonic device you spend money on one that will actually be effective. Do not be swayed by marketing hype and also do not simply go for the cheapest (or most expensive) option on the shelf.

–The Green Pinky

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About the author: Carley Miller is a horticultural expert at TheGreenPinky. She previously owned a landscaping business for 25 years and worked at a local garden center for 10 years.

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