The 5 Best Fertilizers for Arborvitae

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Not all fertilizers are created equal. The difference between the best ones out there and an average one is drastic. Your arborvitae needs proper nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

Setting up your Thuja tree for success is important since the process of growing can take a while before you see the effects. Buying the proper plant food is of utmost importance for this reason. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find high quality products since there are so many products out on the market. I’ve done the hard work to help you simplify your decision. Keep on reading my article to learn more.

At A Glance

Any of these will work well and far exceed the quality of most fertilizers that you will find in your local gardening shop. Please keep reading below to learn more about each one. 

Comparing These Thuja Plant Foods

Proper thuja fertilization will let the trees grow optimally

Brief Product Reviews

BioAdvanced Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed

Specifically designed for evergreen trees and shrubs, BioAdvanced Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed not only nourishes plants for up to three months, but it also provides systemic protection from a variety of insects and conditions which results in arbovitae turning brown. This product can ward off scale and kills emerald ash borers, adelgids, Japanese beetles, fall webworms, leafminers, and harmful caterpillars. Even better, this protection is rainproof and can last for up to 12 months. Gardeners can use this to rest assured that their Thuja trees will grow strong and healthy without worrying about insect infestations. This is definitely one of the highest quality products out there.

Ferti-Lome Azalea-Evergreen Food

Fertilome Azalea-Evergreen Food works to nourish plants in two ways. First, it protects new growth for up to eight weeks, helping plants become established. Secondly, it contains essential micronutrients, helps to nourish the plant’s entire system for a healthier overall evergreen. The fertilizer is absorbed through both the roots and leaves, and helps plants grow stronger and healthier, with more stable root systems and more lush foliage. Fertilome Azalea-Evergreen Food also protects against insects such as leaf beetles, leafminers, psyllids, lace bugs, aphids, adelgids, and Japanese beetles.

Schultz Nursery Plus Plant Slow Release Food

Evergreens, trees, and shrubs will develop healthily after gardeners use Schultz Nursery Plus Plant Slow Release Food. It features a slow release formula that is capable of nourishing Thuja trees for up to three months. The iron, fertilizer, and micronutrient combination formula helps to grow healthier, fuller, and larger shrubs and trees by first feeding the root system, which creates a strong base for the plant. Gardeners who utilize this product will find that their trees grow more quickly and are more capable of fighting off plant diseases.

Top recommended plant food for thuja will help it remain healthy

Jobe’s Evergreen Spikes

Jobe’s Evergreen Spikes are specifically designed to nourish evergreens such as spruces, junipers, and arborvitae. The pre-measured spikes are easy to use, delivering a continuous supply of nutrients directly to your tree’s roots. Because this product features a slow release formula, the spikes can be inserted either in early spring or late fall, and they will continue to nourish plants all season. In addition, there is no mess, waste, smell, or dangerous runoff with this fertilizer. Evergreen trees and shrubs will be healthy and lush after using these nutrient spikes. These spikes are cheap and make fertilization simple.

Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Miracle-Gro’s Shake ‘N Feed for Flowering Trees and Shrubs is designed to help young or newly replanted or repotted arborvitae get a strong start. It can also help established evergreens flourish. This formula is specifically crafted to produce deep green foliage, extra colorful, long-last blooms, and to increase the plant’s overall health. The ingredients are natural and are designed to feed the microbes in the soil, so gardeners can feel great about using this in either containers or ground gardens.

Healthy thuja requires plant food

Care Guide

Arborvitae is a class of evergreen that is known for its versatility. It still goes a long way to provide the proper care and nutrients when growing these evergreens.

Ideal NPK Ratio

Arborvitae, particularly when they’re young, require fertilizers that are high in nitrogen. The typical N-P-K ratio that I recommend for evergreen trees is about 3-1-1. With nitrogen in high ratios, it allows your tree to have healthy growth and it is recommended that you use a fertilizer like this for at least the first 5 years of its life. Furthermore, nitrogen is necessary in the homeostasis of the tree as it uses it in photosynthesis.

Emerald giant that are growing healthy with proper sun and water

Slow Release Fertilization

A slow release fertilizer is probably ideal when it comes to nourishing your trees because a slower delivery of nutrients is easier for the arborvitae to take up. This allows less fertilizer to be used and minimizes excessive nutrient delivery to the roots which can lead to root burn.

Other Considerations

During the winter, evergreens do not frequently require extra fertilization. However, you should check your evergreen to make sure that animals such as rabbits are not causing damage to your tree. If you see evidence of wildlife damage to your tree, then you can consider putting up hardware cloth at the base of your evergreen to prevent animals from getting inside. If you are going to do this, which is recommended, try to install the protection in early winter and remove it in late spring.

Also make sure that if you will be trimming your arborvitae, you do it with precision and understanding of the basic principles. Only the last portion of the branches can form new buds after you cut it, so if you cut too deep into old wood, you will leave patches in your tree.

thuja trees need optimal nutrition to grow tall

Bottom Line

Again, I recommend buying the BioAdvanced Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed to raise the healthiest evergreen tree possible. Be careful not to buy a fertilizer that may do more harm than good. Any of the fertilizers above in our list will be beneficial to your thuja. Buying any of them will give you the best chances of raising a healthy arborvitae

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About the author: Carley Miller is a horticultural expert at TheGreenPinky. She previously owned a landscaping business for 25 years and worked at a local garden center for 10 years.

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