The 5 Best Smell Proof Backpack

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Too many smell proof bags either do not work effectively or look ugly. Here I have listed our list of the best smell proof bags. Don’t buy a poor quality product that you will regret.

Doing the appropriate research to find a high quality bag is well worth it. There are many products on the market that either do not work well or are not stylish. Buy one that you will be find pleasure in using. Don’t be walking around reeking of bad smells. Also don’t walk around with a horribly ugly bag – that attracts just as much attention.

The products recommended below use quality material and you will be happy wearing on your back. They come at great values.

Comparing Our Top 3 Recommendations

At A Glance

This is the list of our recommendations. Below you can read further descriptions and mini-reviews of these bags.

Best Smell proof Backpack

Best Smell Proof Bag Mini-Reviews

Skunk Urban Smell Proof Backpack with Combination lock

urban skunk backpack keeps out odors

This Urban backpack by Skunk is 100% smell proof with a carbon filter thermal lining to really cut back on any smells. The zippers are sturdy and also contain a waterproof lining.

The bag itself is has a very modern, fashionable design. You will be proud to be hanging this back pack around your shoulders and even seeing it lay around in your house or apartment. It comes in 3 different colors. It is made of quality fabric and is very comfortable to wear. It is a good investment and comes at a great price.

Skunk SoHo Smell Proof Backpack with combination lock

This product is 100% smell proof and has an activated carbon lining. It comes in three different colors. It is definitely not as fashionable as our first pick, but still looks very professional. It has a solid construction, light weight, and most importantly it works as it is supposed to – It contains odors.

It has many pockets, which is great. These pockets mean that you can keep things separated and organized. No more loose change or objections scattered at the bottom.

There is a laptop pouch, which can easily fit laptops up to 15”. It has quality double zippers which will last the test of time. It has an easy to use combination lock so you can keep your possessions safe.

Cali Crusher Smell Proof Backpack w/ Combo Lock

Cali Crusher’s product utilizes weather resistant materials and has a stylish black “webbed” look with a sillouhette that comes in 5 different colors on the front. It has a combination lock and it has 3 compartments and 2 side pockets. The inside also has a laptop compartment. The zipper is pretty sturdy with a double zipper seal design and it utilizes activated carbon to minimize odors.

Skunk Nomad Skaters Smell Proof Backpack with Combination Lock

If you have the money, Skunk’s Nomad Skaters backpack is excellent. It maintains its odor-trapping capabilities using a carbon filter. Even the front pocket is lined with carbon filter. It has a combination lock so that you can easily access the inside without carrying around a key. The bag comes in 3 very stylish colors and it has a boxy, but stylish design.

Dime Smell Proof Duffle w/ Carbon Filtered Technology

So I know, this isn’t a back pack. However, with all of the excellent choices above, I figured that I would include one choice that is a duffle bag instead.

Dime’s Duffle Bag uses carbon filter technology to block odors from sneaking out. It has a dual-layered, sturdy zippers. The zippers are lockable with a key lock. It is 20 x 16 x 8 inches and has tons of room for anything you may want to carry around. Furthermore, it is discreet-appearing and attractive.

Having strong zippers is vital for the longevity of a bag

What to Look For in a Backpack

When it comes to smell proof backpacks, there are a couple options on the market, but only a few work well. Furthermore, many of the options are not fashionable.

Look at the Zippers

The most common area to fail are the zippers. Make sure the zippers are sturdy. There is no point in having a backpack that has zippers that stop working after using for 1-2 months. Quality zippers can last many years and can continue to function well even if you accidentally load your bag with too much stuff.

Combination Lock vs Key Lock

When it comes to locks, everyone has their own opinions. Some people like the amount of security a key lock provides. There is a sense of security that comes with holding a key.

That being said, I recommend considering a combination lock. Combination locks are generally easier to open and do not require you to need to lug around an extra key to open your bag. I cannot even count the number of times I’ve had to rush around the house last minute trying to find a key for a lock. Furthermore, true thefts will not be deterred by key lock; they can either pick the lock or even just cut open the bag itself.

Combination locks are all around easier to use and more practical. If it fits your needs, I would recommend you consider it over the key lock.

Number of Pockets

Any good backpack will have many pockets so that you can organize your belongings better. More organization means that you can carry more or at least have less things falling to the bottom of your bag.

Another pocket you may want to consider is a laptop pocket if you think you will ever need to carry a laptop around. Side pockets can also be useful if you will be lugging around bottles.

Bags with activated carbon will help curb odors even further

Consider Discretion and Fashion

Make sure you give a long thought about the looks of the bag depending on your needs and also your sense of fashion.

I used to buy the cheapest (but most effective bag on the market). These bags ended up being not very fashionable. In my mind, I rationalized it away, telling myself that I at least saved money. However, the truth is that after owning the product for only a couple months, I was already looking for a new one. I simply did not feel good wearing the backpack around. At the end of the day, you want to feel reassured that you chose something that suits your sense of fashion.

Also, make sure to note any markings or logos on the outside of the backpack. The logos may look attractive when you look at it online. However, long term, it sometimes makes sense to have a product with fewer logos. This draws less attention and makes it less prone to being a target for theft or drawing other unwanted attention from other people.

Activated Carbon

Any good smell proof bag these days will utilize activated carbon. Activated carbon gives your bag the biggest chance of trapping the odors.

Bottom Line

My highest recommendations go to Skunk’s Urban Smell Proof Bag with a combination lock. It is fashionable, efficacious in preventing smells, and comes with a great price tag. You can’t go wrong with any of my picks above.

–The Green Pinky

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