Houseplants offer a splash of color and life into your homes and offices. They also help with air purification and can be the topic of conversation when your friends visit.

Most of the times, houseplants are easy to take care of. They range from orchids to succulents to other evergreen plants that are capable of surviving in indoor conditions. That being said, proper care is needed because they are not being grown in their natural outdoor environment.

Proper watering, fertilization, sun, soil, and temperature are essential to their survival. Too frequently overwatering or underwatering will lead the to demise of your plant.

Below you will find all our articles on taking care of your houseplants to make sure you have a healthy and beautiful indoor plant!

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About the author: Carley Miller is a horticultural expert at TheGreenPinky. She previously owned a landscaping business for 25 years and worked at a local garden center for 10 years.