Chive flowers are edible when grown properly

Growing Chives: How to Plant and Harvest Chives

Chives are a commonly grown garden herb with their cylindrically hollow leaves and mild oniony flavor. Grown as a perennial plant from seed or root division, the bright green clumps come back year after year. They are also known to increase the yields and pest resistance of neighboring plants.

Onion in its life cycle that is ready for harvest

Onion Growing Stages

Onions are a biennial plant, taking two years to complete their life cycle. They grow vegetatively the first year to develop the tops and produce bulbs. If plants are left in the ground over the winter they produce seeds the second growing season, and then perish.

Onions ready for harvest after being given proper care

How to Grow Onions (Complete Care Guide)

Three different types of onions are grown in home gardens from seed or small bulbs known as onion sets. Long day varieties such as Walla Wall and Sweet Spanish grow best in colder areas and need 14 to 16 hours of sunlight. Short day varieties like Sweet Red and Texas Sweet White grow in warmer, Southern climates and need 10 to 12 hours of sun. Day neutral grow in most climates and need 12 to 14 hours of sunlight.

Sprouts growing out of cloves of garlic sitting on soil

Garlic Growth Stages

Garlic is planted in late summer or early fall, and then harvested about 9 months later. After the cloves germinate they develop several long green leaves, and then small curled tendrils known as scapes. After the scapes form the bulbs begin to develop and grow, until they are large enough to harvest.