Best Fertilizers for Boxwood

The 5 Best Fertilizers for Boxwood

The common boxwood is a rounded evergreen shrub or a small tree. It is often used as ornamentals as borders or hedges. Give you’re shrub what it needs to grow robustly and remain healthy.

Pruning boxwood is important to maintaining a tidy appearance

How to Trim Boxwoods – 5 Important Tips

Trimming boxwoods properly is key to keeping shrubs beautiful and healthy. Prune once a year in the spring using pruning shears, loppers, or hedge trimmers. Perform touch ups through mid-summer if necessary. Immediately remove dead or deceased branches.

evergreen shrub in the landscape

15 Boxwood Types (The Most Popular Ones)

Boxwoods are incredible versatile, evergreen shrubs that maintain green foliage all year. There are over 90 species, and 365 different varieties. The most common types are divided into 5 subcategories: small-leaved, Japanese, Korean, common, and hybrid cultivars. Read on to find out more about the 15 most popular types.

Planting boxwood in your yard requires proper instructions and tips

How to Plant Boxwood

Plant boxwood in late winter or early spring in a spot that gets a combination of sun and shade. These slow-growing evergreen shrubs grow best when sheltered from the intense afternoon sun. The soil should be neutral to slightly alkaline and drains well. They make great borders or backdrops and can be shaped into topiary forms.