Hibiscus flower free of any diseases and pests with proper care

Hibiscus Diseases and Pests

Hibiscus are prone to problems with diseases such as leaf spot, wilts, rot, dieback, molds, and mildew. Common pest problems include spider mites, aphids, scale, whitefly, mealybugs, and thrips. Many of the problems are preventable by cultural practices like planting in well-draining soil, proper watering, providing enough fertilizer, and planting in sunny locations.

Pink hibiscus plant receiving proper water

Pink Hibiscus Plant – Grow and Care Guide

Known for their showy blooms, pink hibiscus plants display flowers up to 12-inches wide all season long. They grow well in the garden or as container plants. Native to the tropics they are perennials in zones 9 to 11, and grown as annuals in zones 8 and lower. The most common pink varieties range in size from dwarf shrubs to plants that grow up to 10 feet tall.