Sycamore grows healthy with the proper water and sun

Sycamore Tree: Comprehensive Guide

The massive sycamore tree may reach 100 feet tall or more, with a trunk measuring more than seven feet in diameter. Their distinctive bark is usually white or light gray and their large leaves are light green. Surprisingly strong, even young specimens are able to withstand high winds and deep snow.

Cedar tree in its natural habitat growing healthily

Cedar Trees – Care Guide and Tips

More popular in large yards, tall stately cedar trees make excellent windbreaks. Plants may grow up to 200 feet tall, depending upon their variety and range in color from dark green to more bluish hues. All varieties are coniferous evergreens that keep color all year.

Huge banyan tree growing healthily with proper nutrients

Banyan Tree – Care and Grow Guide

A type of fig tree, Banyan ficus is a mystical, awe-inspiring plant. They grow when their seeds lands on other trees, sending down roots that smother the host. Over time they can spread to encompass vast areas.

Healthy palm tree with proper maintenance and care

Palm Tree – Complete Care Guide

Palm trees are known for their distinctive look — a single trunk with fan-shaped or feather-shaped evergreen leaves. Native to tropical areas they grow best in warm climates (zones 8 and above) and prefer loose, sandy soil. Plant them in spots where they get full sun and keep the soil moist.

Olives growing from an olive tree that has been given proper care

Olive Tree – Growing Guide

Olive trees prefer full sun and warmth, thriving in USDA growing zones 9-11. They grow at a moderate rate to reach 30 to 50 feet in height. Olive species are drought tolerant, tolerate slightly alkaline soil, and are not suited for growing in the shade.

Birch tree growing healthy with proper care and maintenance

Birch Tree: A Growing Guide

Easily identified by their thin, papery bark in white, yellow, or gray, birch trees are frequently found in colder climates of the Northern hemisphere. With a shallow root system, they prefer moist soil and afternoon shade. They have a tendency to colonize open areas and offer stunning color displays when foliage turns in the fall.

Healthy cotton wood foliage when taken care of

How to Care for Cottonwood Trees

With a rich history and large, stately shape, cottonwood trees are a fast-growing native of the United States. Growing 6 feet a year in zones 2 through 9, they reach over 100 feet tall and almost as wide. Female trees disperse a white cottony covering from their seeds as they ripen in the summer, giving the tree its common name.