tomato leaves turning black needs to be quickly triaged and fixed

Troubleshooting Black Tomato Leaves

Black spots typically occur on tomato leaves due to diseases — blight, canker, and leaf spot mainly. Try to use good gardening practices to prevent the problems from happening. When diseases show up remove the diseases tissue and treat plants with a fungicide to prevent spread.

Tomatoes go through multiple growing stages as they go through their life cycle

Tomato Growth Stages

Tomatoes are annual plants that complete their entire life cycle in one growing season. All types — cherry, roma, heirloom, beefsteak — follow the same stages. Seeds germinate, leaves and roots form, the plants flower, and if pollinated, fruits develop and mature.

Healthy ripe tomato from proper nutrients and fertilization

How to Grow Tomatoes: Care Guide

Tomatoes are the most common garden plant, for good reason. With many options to choose from you can grow your own Beefsteak, Roma, cherry tomatoes, or heirloom varieties. With a long growing season, either start seeds indoors in early spring or purchase starter plants for your garden. Plants love lots of sun, consistent water, and regular doses of fertilizer.

healthy tomatoes growing on a vine

How and When to Transplant Tomatoes

Due to their long growing season, tomatoes are usually planted indoors and then juvenile plants are transplanted to the garden. When the transplants have a strong sturdy stem, and the chance of spring frost has passed they can be moved to the garden. Acclimate plants to outdoor temperatures for about a week and then transplant them in the garden into holes twice the size of their root ball.